A Journey That Changed The World – Chapter 20 Gift

Chapter 20 Gift

Stopping in front of the shop, he looked up to read the sign hanging above. , ”Flinders Fancies Clothes For All.” , Laughing to himself as he walked into the shop, Archer entered he saw racks and racks of clothing, shelves with boots, and women’s sandals being displayed. , It was a charming shop. , As he was looking around, a man approached him with a curious look on his face. , Archer looked at him. , ”Why are you looking at me like I’m a rare beast?” , The man let out an awkward laugh before speaking. , ”No young man I don’t think you’re a rare beast, how can I help you today?” , He pulled out the last pair of clothes he had, the man saw them and smiled. , ”10 black tunics with enough room to get over my horns and 10 black pants, also a black cloak please.” , The man looked Archer up and down and nodded. , ”I know the size you need, I’ll be right back.” , While the man went off to sort his order out, Archer walked around the store looking at the clothes. , There were a lot of different colored tunics and pants, the style was pseudo-modern with a splash of middle eastern mixed in. , The weather on Thrylos is dramatic, mana powers the rain, snow, and any other weather phenomenon, and tsunamis and earthquakes are a lot more destructive here. , But the weather in the Avalon Empire seems to be stable, with warm weather all year round, most of the Avalonians wear loose-fitting clothes made from a linen-like material and tall boots. , The women usually wear loose-fitting dresses and kaftan-like clothes with slip dresses underneath and sandals. , Unless there was a formal occasion then people would dress up into more stylish clothes. , Archer thought to himself as he looked at the merchandise. , ‘I wonder if anyone from Earth came here before me, seeing these designs, I wouldn’t doubt it.’ , He saw the man come back with a pile of clothes, there were even boxers, Archer put the boots he picked on the counter where the man put his order. , The clothes reminded him of the ones that a certain Witcher in the stories on Earth would wear, he looked at the man and asked for the price. , ”How much for everything?” , The man rubbed his chin. , ”I’ll give you it all for one gold, and I’ll also throw in two extra cloaks and extra undergarments, sound good?” , Archer smiled as he thanked the man. , ”Thank you.” , He took all the clothes except a cloak and boots which he put on straight away and threw the rest into storage as he left the shop. , Seeing the afternoon sun in the sky, he made his way to the guild while planning on how he will get into the castle to see Ella. , Not long after he started his walk, he walked into the guild hall and walked up to the counter to see Sarah. , But as he was making his way up to the counter everyone was staring at him not taking their eyes off him. , ”What happened to the little elf? why does he have horns and scales.” , ”Such a beautiful color.” , ”Did you see his eyes? They look like a dragon’s.” , Archer ignored all the chatter as he arrived, where Sarah was sitting behind the desk reading some papers. , ”Hello Sarah.” , The brown-haired girl looked up and her eyes widened in shock. , ”Archer! Where have you been and what has happened to you? you’re different” , Looking back at her with a smile on his face as he replied. , ”Evolved when I hit level 20.” , She looked at the boy in front of her like he was some kind of strange beast, but pushed those thoughts aside and asked him. , ”So you weren’t human huh?” , Shaking his head before answering. , ”No.” , ”Dragon-kin?” , Archer narrowed his eyes at her, he didn’t like that she was asking personal questions but answered. , ”Maybe.” , She just rolled her eyes and moved on. , ”So I assume you’re here because you’ve completed the quest?” , Archer nodded and brought out a forest wolf corpse to prove it to her, as he started laughing. , ”Here’s one body, I have 28 more if you want to see.” , Sarah had a dead-eyed look as she stared at the crazy boy who brought in a pile of bodies and now his here with more bodies. , Sighing as she thought about the amount of paperwork she would have to do after dealing with this boy. , ”Ok follow me Archer, you’re a pain in the ass you know.” , They walked up the stairs that were near the counters and approached a different room than before, Sarah told him to go in and take a seat while she goes and gets more staff to deal with the bodies. , He walked into the room and took a seat, he pulls out two meat wraps and starts eating. , After a while, she walked into the room with two men while looking at him. , ”Okay Archer, this is Taul and Alric, they are the butchers of the Vassia guild, these two will be dealing with your mess” , He looked at the brown-haired woman in front of him like she offended him, he got an idea to get revenge on her. , ”Do your job better next time and maybe you wouldn’t have such a mess.” , Archer snickered as he joked around with her. , Sarah just looked at the boy, the two men behind her started snickering trying to be quiet so she wouldn’t hear them. , But they weren’t that lucky, she looked at both of them who shut up instantly. She turned her head back to the little ** who thought he was funny. , Bop!~ , ”Ouch!” , Archer sat there rubbing his head, he looked up to her with injustice in his violet eyes. , ”Why did you hit me for? I was joking woman!” , ”You may have horns now but if you mock me anymore, you’ll get hit even more.” , She held up her fist in a threatening manner, causing Archer to nod his head, a smile appeared on his face before answering her.” , ”Yes, I won’t joke with my lady anymore!” , Bop!~ , ”Ouch, stop hitting me you gorilla woman, I’m only 13, and your what? 30?” , Bop!~ Bop!~ Bop!~ , ”It’s rude to ask women their age you little **!” , The two men watch the two messing around and would off mistook them for siblings if it wasn’t for the boy being a demi-human. , ”I’m sorry, no more hitting please.” , Sarah looked pleased with herself as she bopped the cocky boy on the head. ”Okay, now that’s all over with, show us what you got this time Archer?” , He took all the bodies out of his item box and dropped them on the floor in front of them. 2 crocodiles, 6 wild dogs, and 29 wolf bodies appeared in the center of the room. , There was a massive pile of beasts in front of the 3 guild staff, blood started leaking all over the floor. , Three heads turned towards him Sarah then spoke up. ”Why do you have so many beast bodies?” , He didn’t care for hiding stuff so he told them the truth. ”Well the crocodiles ambushed me, I came across the dogs, and I played tag with the wolves.” , The three looked at him like he was an idiot, then Sarah spoke up. , ”What’s a crocodile archer?” , Looked between the body and her then pointed at it. 𝘪𝘳.𝒸𝘰𝑚, ”That thing.” , ”That’s not a ‘crocodile’ Archer, it’s a swamp drake.” , Archer looked confused and stared at the beast, it had all the features of a crocodile. , Shaking his head and not bothering with it anymore, he turned to Sarah and asked. , ”How many coins will I get?” , The two men were already going through the bodies. , ”I don’t know this time, come back tomorrow and see if they have finished, I’ll mark your quest as completed.” , Archer nodded then got up to leave. , ”See you tomorrow Sarah.” , After leaving the guild and walking down the stairs, once he got out he looked around for a shop h can buy Ella a gift. , While he was walking down the road, he saw a small stall selling trinkets, he walked up to it and started looking at the merchandise as the woman behind the stool stared at him. , ”Boy, are you perhaps buying something for a lady?” , Archer looked up and saw the woman, she looked to be in her early 20s with dark green hair and green eyes. , But he nodded his head. , ”Well, if you can tell me something about the girl, maybe I can suggest something.” , He started to think before telling her. , ”Well she’s an elf, she has blonde hair and the most beautiful sky blue eyes, she has cared for me for many years.” , He started thinking about her and realized how much she did for the previous Archer, who was always timid, even when no one was being horrible to him. , She was always there, she never left his side once after all those years. , That’s when the fusion of both Archer’s souls showed itself in full, he now knew how much the old archer liked the girl. , The old Archers feelings were now his own, and it wouldn’t be so bad liking Ella, she’s a lovely girl. , He felt bad for liking Ella when he loved Alexa, but there was not much he can do until he can find a way to travel back to Earth. , The woman was looking at him with a gentle smile on her face, but then she started speaking. , ”Well I have the perfect thing for her, here take a look.” , The stall owner hands him a necklace with a sky blue gem at the end of the chain, it shined brightly and matched Ella’s eye color. , A/N – Leave some comments, power stones, and gifts. 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Chapter end

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