A Journey That Changed The World – Chapter 35 Little Piggy

Chapter 35 Little Piggy

Orcs and trolls were dying but were being replaced quicker than they died, Archer made his way towards the frontlines. , He saw it buckling under the relentless attacks, a troll was standing at the back ordering the rest to attack different points. , Archer turned around to check on Sarah’s progress, and that’s when he saw a group of orcs catching up to them, he quickly thunder stepped to intercept them. , He appeared in front of the orcs with a smile before he started rhyming. , ”This little piggy went to market.” , Rushing forward he started slicing the orc’s legs slowing them down. , After killing the closest orcs, he Thunder Stepped to kill another. , ”This little piggy stayed home. , This little piggy had roast beef.” , Archer started a slaughter fest as he didn’t stop killing. , Pointing at a group of orcs he fired an eldritch blast directly at them. , A orc ran up to him and took a swing but he dodged it as a knight impaled it. , ”This little piggy had none. , This little piggy went.” , More and more kept coming, he may be small but his dragon bloodline strengthened him, spells flew in his direction but he tilted his body to the side. , Dodging the attack, Archer Thunder Stepped to appear in front of the shaman and quickly stabbed it. , ”Wee, wee, wee. , All the way home!” , Looking around he saw the adventurers, soldiers, and knights getting pushed back. , Archer overheard a commander tell another man that there were 10,000 troops at the start, now it dwindled to a few thousand men. , Some of the knights got taken out by the bigger cave trolls before pulling back to the frontline. , In the beginning, there were 500 knights, after the cave trolls attacked only 200 haggard knights remained. , The army was being pushed back to the river as the orcs kept charging at the lines. , After firing off a few more spells into the crowd of beasts. , Archer turned to see Sarah’s group safely cross the bridge, he noticed she was looking at him, and he smiled at her as he raised his hand. , He shot the purple missiles at the bridge, they flew through the air hitting it. , BOOM!~ , The force of the blast knocked over everyone who was standing close, river beasts flew out of the water all torn to shreds. , When he checked the bridge he saw it on fire, it stopped the orcs from crossing. , Archer’s breath quickened as he tried to figure out the best way to get out of the situation. , As they got closer Archer watched them prepare to attack, but as soon as they got in range he cast Thunder Wave. , The shockwave radiated outward from his body, throwing the orcs back with incredible force. , They tumbled backward, some of them falling over each other in a desperate attempt to stay on their feet. , The spell had given him the much-needed time to catch his breath and prepare for the next onslaught. , He readied his swords as the beasts seemed to sense his confidence and strength, they hesitated for a moment before charging towards him again. , Archer deflected some attacks and blocked others with Cosmic Shield but it was still too much for him, he was only 13. , Hours passed as the fighting continued. , Both regeneration skills were working overtime, his attacks were becoming sloppy, and the human army was numbering no more than 100 men left. , They were standing back to back as they died defending their brothers, they all saw the white-haired boy trying his best to defend them but was regularly being overrun. , Archer’s mana was low, and he was tired. , Looking towards the bridge, he saw Sarah’s group who stood across the river firing spells at the incoming horde. , ”I’m glad to have fought beside you boy, you’re a real warrior, now leave us, we are dead but you can still live.” , Turning around to see an older man kneeling down, blood pouring from a wound on his chest. , ”Live boy!” , Smiling as he dropped dead, Archer just stared at the man who bought enough time for the civilians to escape at the cost of his own life. , He looked around and saw the rest of the soldiers getting overrun, so he started running. , A massive orc king stepped in Archer’s path, he quickly stopped as he saw it. , Eight feet tall, muscular, and angry looking, he looked behind the beast and saw Sarah staring at him with tears in her eyes. , Turning his attention back to the orc king, he charged toward it as the orc got ready to swing his massive club. , It swung as Archer got closer. , Using Thunder Step to dodge and appear by the beast’s right leg, slicing its muscles, he made the leg buckle but the beast still managed to stay standing. , The orc swung his right hand to slap Archer, but he quickly ducked down. , His senses kicked into overdrive as he cast Cosmic Shield just in time to stop the acid blast that was heading toward him. , But this distraction gave the orc king enough time to kick him, sending Archer flying. He flew across the battlefield slamming into a tent, getting all tangled up until he cut himself out. , Looking around all he saw was chaos, flames everywhere, bodies of men and beasts scattered all over, he walked out of the tent he crashed into. , Archer looked towards the city and saw goblins climbing the walls, he could hear the screams of the people who couldn’t make it out. , He made his way to the destroyed bridge while gathering troll and orc bodies along the way, as he was running a spell came out of nowhere slamming into him. , But he felt the incoming attack and raised his arms just in time to defend himself, but was sent flying. , He managed to land on his feet. Casting Cosmic Sword as he charged towards the king and shamans, the orc charged him and they met in the middle. , Archer dodged the beast’s attack and shot a fireball into its chest, causing it to stumble backward giving him enough time to get out of the thing’s reach. , He steadied himself as he got ready to attack, he sprinted towards the beast. , As he charged towards the orc king a random blade swung at him from his left. Archer couldn’t dodge so he raised both swords blocking the attack. , When the orc generals attack connected with his blades, they shattered into pieces but managed to deflect a killing blow. , However the blade cut straight through his left horn as he deflected it causing him extreme pain, the orc king then ran up and kicked the boy. , He flew back like a rocket bouncing until he landed in the Eventide River getting swept away, while unconscious. , Sarah and the others saw all this from the opposite side of the river, but they couldn’t do anything as spells were fired at them. , They retreated back to the Avalon empire, as Archer was swept down south on a whole new adventure. , Passing through mountains, grasslands, deserts, and jungles, as day turned to night, all while unconscious. , Archer’s body was slowly repairing itself, his left horn was cut off and was slowly growing back. , Many days of floating lifeless down the Eventide River which stretched from the far north of Pluoria to the southern tip. , As he floated down the river, unconscious, he drifted through several different and varied environments. ., The first environment he passed through was a lush tropical rainforest. , Brightly colored birds swooped through the canopy above, their calls mingling with the sounds of the river rushing around him. , The air was thick with humidity, and the scent of blooming flowers filled his lungs. , As Archer continued to float downstream, the environment changed to a densely forested area, filled with tall trees draped in vines and moss. , The sound of rushing water grew fainter as the river slowed, and the environment became quieter. , The only sounds were the occasional cawing of a bird or the gentle rustling of leaves in the wind. , Next, he drifted into a rocky canyon, where the river flowed between tall cliffs. The water became choppier here, and he bumped against several rocks as the current pushed him along. , The landscape was stark and barren, with only scrubby bushes and hardy cacti dotting the rocky terrain. , The sun beat down relentlessly, and the air was dry and harsh. Eventually, the river opened up into a wide, rolling plain. , The water became calmer as he got washed through beautiful woodlands, grazing beasts watched the strange thing floating in the river. , The bloodthirsty beasts stayed away due to the scent he was giving off as he floated by. , As the plains passed, he went through some mountains and traveled through a barren desert landscape. , The air was hot and dry, and the sun beat down mercilessly on him as he drifted along. The river was narrow and shallow, ripples of sand could be seen below the surface of the water. , Despite the harsh environment, he floated down the river peacefully, letting the current carry him forward until he washed up on a beach. , Archer began to stir feeling a cool breeze hit his body, slowly opening his eyes all he saw was the blue sky. , He stood up as he realized he wasn’t in the north anymore. , A/N – Leave some comments, power stones, and gifts. It all helps support the book. Artwork in the comments or discord, New novel chapters are published on .𝒎

Chapter end

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