A Journey That Changed The World – Chapter 13: Andou is Scary

Chapter 13: Andou is Scary

Hexi had just finished speaking, when the huge egg’s golden light suddenly bounced a bit, before a silver light separated from it, stopping to sway in front of Hexi., She momentarily stared blankly, but not waiting for her to clearly ask what this light was to the huge egg, the silver coloured light suddenly accelerated its speed, entering her body., Hexi staggered back several steps, her hand releasing the egg as she felt the internal energy in her body running rampant., After several breaths, she realised she wasn’t in any pain or discomfort, on the contrary, before her eyes the translucent silhouette of a person slowly condensed., It was a sage-like old man dressed in a white robe, with his silver hair and beard, the corners of his mouth held traces of an amiable and benevolent smile., However, when Hexi saw this man she felt a burst of uncomfortableness throughout her body, her Invisible Needles instinctively appeared between her five fingers., Even if this old man had a benevolent and harmless expression, his body emitted such force that it made her feel powerless. His force was so strong that even crawling was difficult. His muddy eyes contained an unlimited serene light, just like a bottomless abyss, the end couldn’t be seen., “Grandpa Xumi!” The huge egg uttered a cry of excitement, but this time the young child’s voice didn’t come from inside the eggshell, instead it echoed in her ears, that silvery ball of light being the obvious reason why, “Mother, mother, you quickly see, that is grandpa Xumi that had saved baby!”, However, Hexi was not so naive as the huge egg, rather, she cautiously looked at the old man that was floating in the air, slowly asking, “Are you a person or a ghost? What is this place, Xumi Palace?” Unknowingly she spoke her fears, because although Xumi space had accompanied her for two lives, if she wasn’t clear on what it actually was, she would never feel completely comfortable using it., Old man Xumi didn’t answer, instead he seemed shocked as his eyes stared at Hexi. Happiness, bewilderment, relief, hope, expressions lit up his eyes as one by one they flashed past., Hexi couldn’t stand this type of silent oppression, and chose to throw her Invisible Needles, prompting old man Xumi to finally speak, “I’ve been waiting in this Xumi mustard seed space for a long time, I thought that there was no hope anymore, I didn’t expect…didn’t expect, that I was actually waiting.”, His face was filled with excitement as he looked at Hexi, his gaze stared at Hexi like she was a rare treasure, like his life saver, “That’s right! That’s right! It’s soul fusion, I didn’t expect that a spirit from a different world would really achieve soul fusion. Ha ha ha ha….our clan has been saved now!”, When this was said, Hexi was scared witless. With this one sentence about a spirit from a different world, it was very obvious that old man Xumi had seen through to her true identity., Hexi’s expression was filled with caution and alertness, it caused old man Xumi to calm his excitement and show a warm, cultured smile, “Good child, you don’t need to be afraid, besides, I will not be able to see through to your true identity. Especially after you’ve completely broken the seal, this ability will be fused together with your body, without a trace of flaws.”, Hexi frowned and muttered, “After breaking the seal?”, She didn’t know why, but the first thing she recalled is that intruder in the middle of the night, that hateful man’s words, “If you are trash, then no one in this world is a genius.”, Could it be that what that man said is true, that there was some ability sealed away within her body?, Hexi was deep in thought when she heard old man Xumi’s slightly quickened voice, “Good child, now you listen to me, I don’t have much time.”, “Don’t have much time?” At this moment her thoughts slowed, unconsciously repeating those words.

Chapter end

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