A Journey That Changed The World – Chapter 15: Hopeless Love

Chapter 15: Hopeless Love

Old man Xumi saw her indifferent eyes after she had heard about the powerful Origin Spirit. There was no greed in her eyes, rather, it was vigilance and calmness, he couldn’t help but be more pleased, “I will soon disappear, Hexi, little friend, you must remember, before you possess enough strength, you shouldn’t let people know about the existence of the Origin Spirit. Otherwise, it can become your disaster, it can also become a monstrous catastrophe to the greedy human race. Remember that at all cost!”, His implication was barely finished when his vaporous figure slowly dissipated, changing into a speck of silvery light, before disappearing in the air., “Wait a minute! What is the secret that is contained in the Origin Spirit?”, Why did he say I shouldn’t let people know about the existence of the Origin Spirit? When old man Xumi mentioned about the power of the Origin Spirit, he said that she must keep it secret, so it was clear that the Origin Spirit was extraordinarily powerful., “In the end, what did you want me to do when you gave me these?”, However, her only response was her voice echoing in the air, and the huge egg’s weeping., “Grandpa Xumi disappear, mother, baby can feel, grandpa Xumi will not come back anymore…”, Hexi was just about to ask, when suddenly, she felt a slight tingling pain in her mind., Then she felt her connection with this space suddenly increase, so that even if she was standing in this room, she could clearly feel what was happening in every inch area of the space., Hexi was shocked for a while, and gradually recovering from her shock, she touched the huge egg that was weeping and grieving, sighing, “Alright, don’t cry, people will always have to be separated in life and death, you are an egg, why so sentimental?”, The huge egg stopped weeping with her caress, however it protested loudly, “Baby not called huge egg, huge egg is not pleasant to hear.”, Black lines appeared on Hexi’s face. You are an egg, it doesn’t matter if that name is pleasant to hear or not. “Then, what do you want to called?”, The huge egg’s voice was full of confusion and expectancy, “That…that, I don’t know what I want to be called. But, shouldn’t mother help find a name for me?”, It’s soft and sticky voice was both loveable and bashful, causing Hexi to feel as if its appearance was like that of a shy, plump child, eagerly looking at her., Hexi laughed at her imagination and couldn’t help but tease, “Um, then since you don’t like the name of huge egg, is it better to call you Dan Dan, Yuan Yuan, or Gun Gun?”, “Mother is bad, baby not plump1, baby don’t want unpleasant to hear or ugly names like those, …”, The huge egg’s sad weeping was now even louder, leaving Hexi unable to know whether to laugh or cry, having no other choice but to compromise, “Alright, then I’ll think about it again, but before I find a name for you, I’ll call you Dan Dan, this is pretty good right?”, Dan Dan, having no other choice, felt aggrieved but agreed with her, in the end still reminding her, “Mother must quickly find a name for baby!”, Hexi supported her forehead, “Can you not call me mother?” Heaven knew she was only sixteen years old in this life, a beautiful youthful girl, how could she become someone’s mother? Moreover, an egg’s mother., “But you are obviously mother?” Dan Dan’s voice was filled with shock and sadness, crying a hundred times more bitter than before started, “Mother didn’t want me again, wu wu wu…where did baby change to become a bad child!”, Veins popped up on Hexi’s forehead, she felt a headache starting because of its crying, and finally had no choice but to smash a pot to pieces just because it was cracked2, “Alright, don’t cry. When I said that I don’t want you I didn’t mean it, you can call me mother if you like!”, 1Yuan GunGun means plump, 2Idiom meaning something like, to write oneself off as hopeless and act recklessly

Chapter end

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